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A great deal of cosmetic work has been done with this bike, including a full restoration of the seat structure and cover, modifications to the saddlebags, restored running boards, new handlebars, and the addition of a batwing fairing.with windshield. Despite all of these changes, one thing that we managed to keep original was the paint, which is looking incredibly good even after 40 years.

The Harley-Davidson FL is a model designation used on Harley-Davidson motorcycles since 1941. The FL prefix is mostly applied to Harley-Davidson’s large-framed bikes, including the current Touring series, and also the Softail series, especially those with traditional styling, 16-inch front wheels, and either Springer forks or large-diameter telescopic front forks.

An 80 cu in (1,300 cc) engine was made optional on the Electra Glide in 1978. However, the FL designation was not changed as a result. By 1981, the 80 cubic inch engine was the standard engine; the 74 cu in (1,210 cc) engine being discontinued.