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This bike was built to spec by Timeless Motor Company in New Mexico. The owner of the company, Mike Hanlon, is also a master mold maker, machinist, and all around motorcycle enthusiast.

This model used a belt drive and was designed as a racing machine. The Board Track Racer has all the feeling of the spirit of the day. From the straight pipe to the laid down seat and handlebars and absence of fenders for weight savings- it’s what it was all about.

The motorcycles designed for board-track racing had no brakes. Brakes were, perhaps ironically, considered more dangerous than not having them. The only way to stop the bikes was to flip a switch on the handlebar that grounded out the charging system, and then coast home.

This bike is a conversation piece at its best and draws a crowd wherever it is shown.

This creation is inspired by the bravery and bravado of the racers and the danger of the sport during that incredible time. Truly when men were men.